Your privacy is important

We always protect your privacy and collect data only when it is absolutely necessary. We use information we collect to improve the application and ensure your experience with the app is the best possible. If you have questions about our privacy policy please contact us.

What we collect

  • In unlikely event of application crash we collect standard crash report for analyses.
  • If you have installed passes with location data we use your current location to display information attached to the location on locked screen. No data about your current position is ever transmitted outside your phone.
  • We collect anonymous data on application activities.
  • The app needs an access to user storage area of your device in order to save downloaded and imported passes.
  • We do not access your address book, contacts, email addresses, sms and phone numbers.
  • The app accesses built-in camera in order to read and decode QR codes to import an electronic pass. Camera is only activated when you choose to scan such code while using the application
  • When pass provider adds geo-locations or iBeacon information into the pass to inform you about points of interests relevant to you, the Wallet application needs an access to your location. Your location always stays within the app and is never transmitted anywhere

How collected data is used

  • We use third party tools to process collected data. We do this to improve your experience with the application.
  • We use submitted crash reports to fix bugs and improve user experience.