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Privacy policy

The security of your data is important for us. We are aware of the great responsibility it involves. That is why we have created the following privacy policy that explains what kind of information we collect, how we process it and what security measures we take.

In general, Wallet is a mobile application that stores and manages your wallet passes such as tickets, loyalty cards, coupons and boarding passes, on your mobile phone.

Personal information
We do not collect any personal information about our users.

We do not send or transfer your passes anywhere. They are always kept on your phone only.

Personal information
We do not collect any personal information about our users.

App Activity
We collect and temporary store anonymised history of your experience with the app, for example how you interact with the app and what pages in the app you view. The usage history is used to improve user experience and app performance. Any collected history is discarded as soon as it is not needed anymore or upon your request.

Device or other IDs
We do not use and do not collect phone numbers, IMEI numbers or MAC addresses, Advertising ID etc.

Google Drive access
When you give us access to Google Drive our app can backup content like passes, loyalty cards, etc. to it. Our app only accesses its own data and does not access other data on your Google Drive.

Geo-location data
Precise GPS location from mobile devices is collected only with your permission. Wi-Fi and IP addresses received from your device may be used to determine approximate location. This information is only used within the app for showing relevant local passes in Wallet and is not transmitted or stored anywhere. No movements history is collected, stored or analysed by the app.

Third-Party Advertisers
We do not do any advertising in the app.

Pass issuers
We do not allow pass issuers to track you. Your devices register anonymously for pass updates.

We use a third-party service to collect anonymized analytics data. We do this to gain insights that help us to improve your experience with our app.

Crash reports
We only use what available to us from Google as part of Android Vitals metric. No additional crash reports are collected and we do not use any third party tools for this purpose.

Bug Reports
If you send us a bug report or feedback we collect your email address and other information you provide as a part of your message only to respond to those reports.

Deletion requests
Because we do not collect any personal information such as names, phone numbers or email addresses, we cannot locate any usage history of the app related to you by your name, email address or prone number.
If you want us to delete all history, associated with passes you keep in the app on your phone, please email pkpass files you want to delete history of to support@walletunion.com and we will delete all app historical data related to the received passes.
Because we do not collect passes stored in the app and do not store them on our servers, please also delete those passes in the app on your phone. This ensures that there will be no more app activity for the pass collected. When you uninstall Wallet from your phone, all your passes deleted from your phone with it.

Additional help
If you require any additional information or have questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at support@walletunion.com