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Can I add my plastic loyalty card or paper ticket to Wallet?
No, it is not possible to add a plastic card or a paper ticket to the app. The app only works with electronic versions of the loyalty cards, coupons, boarding passes and event tickets. Those electronic versions are issued by shops, cinemas or airlines and typically emailed to you as pkpass files, active links to download from, or available on vendor's web sites for download. If you have a traditional plastic loyalty card and want to add it to your Wallet app please ask you card issuer to send you an electronic version of your card in Apple Wallet format.
If I scan barcode on my plastic card with Wallet's camera, will it add the card to Wallet?
No, it will not. The camera in the App is used to scan QR codes with embedded URL links in them. If those URL links point to a web site serving an electronic pass in pkpass format, then Wallet will import that electronic pass. Standard 2D barcode printed on traditional plastic cards do not have an embedded link to an electronic version of the card.
Why sometimes Wallet asks me for permission to access my camera and photos?
Wallet requires access permissions only for camera in order to scan a QR code pointing to an electronic pass/ticket to import. It does not access your photos or videos.
Why sometimes Wallet asks me for permission to access my location?
Some passes have built-in geo positions, defined by card vendors and designed to show you a notification in a particular spot, for example near airport's boarding gate or by a shop. If you have such cards in your Wallet, then you will get a permission request prompt. The notification only happens locally on the phone and is not sent/transmitted anywhere so no location tracking by card's vendor is possible.
My rewards, discount level, bonus balance etc are not shown correctly on the card in Wallet!
Wallet only displays values on the card as they are set by card vendors. It does not calculate, add, redeem or in any other way deal with your bonuses and discount levels. If your loyalty card vendor such as shop, airline or train company did not update your electronic card in Wallet with correct values, Wallet will not show them connectedly either! Also If your phone was offline for a while it might've missed an update from your card vendors. Or may be your favourite card vendor simply doesn't know how to update an electronic version of the card in Wallet. Please contact you card vendor first and ask them to push an update to the electronic card.
My card in Wallet stopped receiving updates from the vendor. How do I fix that?
You can try few things to fix it. Each advice may fix it or you may need to perform several actions.
  • Please ensure that the switch "allow automatic updates" on the back of the card in question is switched ON.
  • In the menu on the left, select Settings and then Diagnostics. If you receive message "No errors found" then your phone has no problems with receiving push updates if they are sent to it.
  • In the menu on the left, select Settings and then Register All Cards. Watch the progress bar as registration works. This ensures that all your cards tell their respective vendors that they are on-line and ready to handle updates.
  • If none of the above helps then most likely there is a problem with your card vendor. Please contact the vendor and tell them about a problem and steps you took to rectify it.
    I want to transfer all my electronic cards to a new phone. How can I do that?
    Follow this very simple process
    1. Update your Wallet app to the latest version
    2. In the menu on the left side choose Save to Google Drive
    3. Select desired Google ID if not already done so and save all cards
    4. On your new phone install Wallet app from GooglePlay
    5. On your new phone in Wallet app chose Load from Google Drive
    6. Select the same Google ID as used on the old phone to save cards
    7. Wallet will import all you saved passes
    I have a Huawei phone with Wallet installed and recently it started to crash when I use Wallet. How do I fix that?
    On Huawei phones there may be rare condition causing Wallet to start crashing while in use. Typically it may start after you have being using Wallet on the phone for a while and then decided to reset your phone to factory settings but preserved (did not wipe) your user data. Some Huawei phones allow such non-standard reset option even though it often creates problems accessing those saved data later.

    Fortunately it is easy to fix by following these simple steps:

    1. Update Wallet to the latest version from GooglePlay
    2. Save all your passes to Google Drive by choosing in the menu on the left side Save to Google Drive
    3. Ensure that the passes have been saved. You can check it with the standard phone's application Google Drive.
    4. Uninstall Wallet application and all its data from your phone.
    5. Install Wallet on you phone again from GooglePlay
    6. Import all your previously saved passes from Google Drive